Thursday, December 29, 2005

Funny Words

Words make me laugh sometmies. Some words sound funny when you are saying them and other words sound funny when you hear them from someone else. Ches laughs at me because we'll be in the middle of a conversation and I will start to giggle.

"What?" he asks, somewhat annoyed because I'm obviously not paying attention to his riveting description of trumpet mouthpieces.

"That's a funny word." And I laugh out loud. I'm just laughing at a word he or I may have used. It just strikes me as funny, and I can't help it. Then Ches laughs at me because I'm laughing at a simple word.

Could I be more wierd?

Take the word excersaucer. Now that is a funny word. Just say it a couple of times. Don't you just want to laugh? I have been ever since Christmas Day (Dallin got one). I also like the word giggle. It is such a self-descriptive word. Giggle makes me giggle. It really does!

Other words I just think is cool. I'll agree with Ben on the word hypothetical. I remember the first time I heard the word plethera. That is also a really cool word. I tried to work it in to a conversation at least once a day for about a year there.

Sometimes a single word isn't enough. Then we have moved onto phrases. It's funny how we get stuck saying things for years on end, and then we stop using them. Someone else may use that phrase and you then think, hey, they're using my phrase! Some of my personal favorites: Dang the system anyway; Cool beans; Holy Hannah!

Ahhh, I love words. And phrases. They crack me up. Especially now with a three year old (and that is a post for another time).

**Ches wants to make it clear that he is not a trumpet nerd who talks about the specs and . . . I can't remember what else he said. I guess I seriously start to tune out when it comes to trumpet talk.**

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Friday, December 23, 2005


One more day until my birthday!! Yay me! I'll be 29 (for the first time), and I can't wait! Except that I have some wrinkles that didn't used to be there and some grey hairs that keep popping out of my head and a lot more fat around my waist than there used to be... But overall I am happy to be 29 and mostly healthy with a wonderful husband and the two most dealightful children in the whole world. I think I will go listen to Bear in the Big Blue House sing to me:

Happy happy happy happy birthday, birthday
Happy happy happy happy birthday, birthday
Happy happy birthday
Happy happy happy birthday
Happy happy birthday
Happy birthday
To yooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooou!

O Christmas Tree

We finally got a Christmas tree yesterday. We had been putting it off because of Ches' work and school schedules, my schedule (concert, Christmas shopping, etc.) then it was raining and raining. We didn't want a wet tree and our porch doesn't stay dry, so it doesn't do to let it sit there and get dry. We finally sucked it up and said we would get a wet tree (we went when it wasn't raining, although it had rained all night), but all the lots were closed. We ended up in the K Mart Superstore, and we bought a fake tree.

That's right. A fake tree.

Now, I know most of you probably have fake trees and quite enjoy that. Most people seem to be that way these days. But we are REAL tree people. We love the look, feel, and smell of a real tree. We have a saw specifically for trimming the trunk of the tree each year (okay, so we take it camping with us, too, but it's mostly our Christmas tree saw). We enjoy stringing lights on the tree. We enjoy measuring out just the right amount of water and everything. Well, maybe we don't enjoy it, but it is part of the ritual.

However, this tree was on sale, it's really pretty, and it's just about the only fake tree that we found that wasn't pre-lit (we have our own lights, thank you very much). We bought it yesterday morning, Ches went to work, I babysat 4 kids, then we put the tree together and decorated it. I have to say, we are pretty pleased with it.

Next year, we will probably still get a real tree. This is now our official "back-up" tree. And someday, when we have a house of our own, we will have two Christmas trees: one that is all decorated perfect and beautiful that no one is allowed to touch but me, and one that is all lovely and colorful and full of mismatched ornaments and glitter covered pictures that the kids made into ornaments at school. That is the one in the family room with all the presents under it. And that will be the real tree.

Monday, December 19, 2005


Ches woke me up by opening the blinds in our bedroom. It took me a minute to figure out what he was doing. I was thinking, "Why in the world is he opening the blinds?? I'm not dressed yet." Then I looked outside.

It had snowed! It was all white and beautiful out. I got a huge smile on my face, and Ches just kind of laughed at me, then he closed the blinds (it was too bright, and I'm not a morning person. Sorry.).

When Aiden woke up we went into his room, opened the blinds, and said, "Aiden, look outside."

He sat up, looked out the window, then jumped up as he exclaimed "It's Christmas!!!" He was soooo excited! Too bad he has to wait another week.

It was raining by the time we left for church, and most of the snow is gone now. It was fun too look at for a while, though.

Last Christmas, Aiden received a beautiful vest from Aunt Marisa and Peter from their trip to Turkey. Aiden wore the vest to church yesterday, and looked so handsome and festive! I called him my little gypsy boy. Dallin got to wear another vest that Aiden received from a trip Aunt Marisa and Peter made to Hungary. I only have a picture of Aiden in his Turkish vest from last year, so that's all I can show you for right now. However, both boys looked so great! I love them in their little "ethnic" clothes.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

With or Without?

Ches is applying for a job at a university. If, by some long shot (which I'm hoping isn't that long of a shot after all), he gets the job, he will have to shave his goatee. Now, I love his goatee. I know not everyone is a facial hair kind of person, but I love goatees in general. I especially love it on Ches. When I met Ches, he was completely clean-shaven (those were the rules at Ricks College), and so I never knew him with facial hair while we dated or when we were first married. As soon as he was done with Ricks, however, I persuaded him to grow a goatee. It really didn't take much persuasion. He apparantly had one before his mission for a little while, and while on break from Ricks he would grow one. He loves it as much as I do.

Anyrate, I hope he gets this job (it would be so great!! Really!), but I would have to get used to a clean-shaven Ches again. Here is Ches when we got married:

And here is Ches with a goatee (this picture was in Preston in 2002, and it's more scraggly than he likes, but I like it this way):

A Cause For Depression

Thursday started out as an okay day. I was running late, but that is not unusual. I was late picking up my babysitter from school, I was late getting to the band booster dinner. It was a lot of fun, though, and it wasn't a lot to stress about.

When I got home, my sitter (who is one of my color guard girls) was talking about prom, so I wanted to show her a dress I have in case she liked it. I noticed there were some drops of water on the sleeve. Hmmm, that's odd, I thought. Then I noticed the other sleeve was very wet. I started to get a little worried. I went into the back of the closet where the dress hung, and pulled out my wedding dress. Half of it was soaked with water, and there was black mold all over a lot of the applique and spots of mold up and down the rest of the dress. In the corner of the closet, coming in from outside, water and mold is running up and down the wall. The other dress seems okay, and an old tux jacket that doesn't fit Ches anymore was a little wet and has a little mold on it.

My beautiful wedding dress is ruined.

I started to cry right away. It's not like I'm ever going to wear that thing again, and I know that. Heck, I'll never even fit in it again (I don't know how in the world I was a size 4/6 in the first place!!). However, I never owned anything so beautiful before or since. I've never worn anything so beautiful. I never FELT so beautiful as I did on my wedding day in that dress. When Ches saw me for the first time, on our wedding day, in that dress, he smiled and said, "Wow!" He has never said that before or since. I will never forget the tone of his voice or the look in his eyes. We were in that pure, young love stage that you can only be in on your wedding day. It was still so fresh and wonderful. My dress is such a symbol to me, and now it is ruined. I don't know if it can be restored. I have to make some phone calls, but what is the chance?

The worst is that a few years ago, while we were gone to Canada for Christmas, the pipes in our little apartment in Idaho froze then burst, flooding the kitchen and living room. Our wedding album was destroyed. The pictures are salvageable, but not great. That is now two things from my wedding, destroyed. It kind of scares me.

I know that I shouldn't feel too bad. There a lot of people who have it worse than me. After all, neither Alyson or my mom even have wedding pictures! However, I love my dress. I had to fight for my dress! My father and stepmother wanted me to borrow a wedding dress!! My dress only cost $500, and my mom was so happy because she wanted me to have whatever dress I wanted, but we didn't exactly have a lot of money. My total wedding only cost $1300, so the dress was definitely on the expensive side for everything else I had. That was the one area where I didn't have to give something up because of cost or because relatives said, "Oh, you don't really need such-and-such!" My wedding dress was the first dress I tried on, and I knew it was perfect right away.

Now I just have a couple of unprofessional photos that don't do the dress justice to look at. Ches was right 7 years ago when he said I should get bridal pictures done. And now it will never happen. Yes, I am very sad.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

White Christmas

In many parts of the country bad winter weather has really hit hard. My brother in Ohio had a snow day from school today. My sister in Boston looks totally snowed in, and I'm sure my brother in Idaho is already sick of the snow they have.

Here in northern Nevada, however, we have no snow. It's really weird. After living in snowy areas for so many years and then having such an unusual winter here last year, this just feels so wrong! There is no snow! And none in the forecast!

I'm normally not much of a snow person. I like it when it first falls and everything is so beautiful from this perfect blanket covering it all. I love the sparkle the snow gives off from the sun. I love to sit inside my warm home, watching the snow fall as I sip hot chocolate and read a book, covered in a blanket while I only have candles lit or minimal lighting (oh, and the kids are asleep, so it's nice and quiet, too).

However, people go and ruin it by walking in the snow. They don't know how to drive anymore, so it becomes completely dangerous to set foot outside. The snow melts a little and gets slushy and yucky. Oh, and I hate how it stays around FOREVER!!! Just melt and become spring already!

Right now Christmas is only two weeks away, and it just won't feel right if there isn't a good amount of snow. As much as I will hate it by New Year's, I'm literally dreaming of a white Christmas right now.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

I Love To Laugh!

I'm a musician, as I believe you all know. For those of you who do not consider yourselves musicians, there is something you must learn. Musicians have an entire genre of jokes. I mean, we've all heard blonde jokes and lawyer jokes, but I don't think anything compares to a good musician joke. We make fun of ourselves first and foremost, and we make fun of each other. They are all pretty mean jokes, but that's what makes them so funny!

Music teachers are really good joke tellers. And they make some great puns (you know, the real groaners). I used to swear that they must have a class in college that they learn how to tell jokes and puns. I never found that class in any of the catalogues I got, so maybe I missed out. I don't know. For those of you that went to Ricks, don't you think Bro. Jones was the best at it? I sure didn't like him as a teacher (he and I didn't get along well, so it was a personal thing. Ches loved him, though), but I always got a good laugh in his class.

My personal favorites are the lightbulb jokes. It seems like a lot of them are similar, or have similar punchlines to other groups of people, but that's okay. I'd like to share a few of my favorite musical jokes. Some everyone will get, some only some of you will get, and some you may be offended (if you are, sorry. Get over it. You're a musician, and if you can't laugh at yourself, then you're in a really bad position! Everyone else likes to laugh at us!)

How many bass players does it take to change a lightbulb?
I, V, I, V . . .

How many sax players does it take to change a lightbulb?
Five: one to handle the bulb and four to contemplate how Charlie Parker would do it.

How many trumpet players does it take to screw in a light bulb?
16: one to handle the bulb and 15 to say "I could do it better".

How many altos (singers) does it take to screw in a light bulb?
None. They can't get up that high.

How many tenors (singers) does it take to screw in a light bulb?
Just one: he simply holds it up and the world revolves around him.

How many jazz musicians does it take to scew in a light bulb? One to do it, three to get their names on the guest list, and five to ask how he got the gig.

How many drummers does it take to change a light bulb?
None. They have machines that do that now.

What do you call one pretty good violinist, one bad violinist, one failed violinist, and someone who hates violinists together in the same room?
A string quartet.

What's the difference between the first stand of violas and the third stand of violas? About a measure and a half.

A trombone player and a conductor are crossing the street. You are driving and cannot avoid them both. Which do you hit?
The trombone player: business before pleasure.

What's the range of a tuba? About 20 feet, if you have a good arm.

If you drop a viola and a tuba from the top floor of a tall building, which one hits the ground first?
Who cares??

How do you know if there's a lead singer at your door?
You don't: She can't find the key and doesn't know when to come in.

How do you get a musician off your doorstep?
Pay him for the pizza.

How do you tell if there's a dummer standing outside your door?
When he knicks, he speeds up.

And, of course, the world's oldest music joke:

"Hey mister, how can I get to Carnegie Hall?"

"Music is the most disagreeable and the most widely beloved of all noises."
--Theophile Gautier, "Le Figaro", 20 October 1863

Monday, December 12, 2005

My Favorite Things

Here are a top ten of some of my favorite things right now:

10. Eating chocolate chips right out of the bag. We usually buy the really stinkin' huge bags at Sam's Club, let the bag sit in the fridge or freezer, and grab handfuls (and sometimes a cup-full) right out of the bag. The most recent bag I bought is actually "baking chips". They are bigger, and darker. Mmmmmmm. I'm in Heaven. Actually, I'm going to go get a handful, then come back and finish my list.

9. Friends who help out in a crunch. Last week, Ches had a Wind Ensemble concert and I forgot about it (he didn't write it on the calendar!!), so I forgot to get a sitter for the boys. I spent a little time on the phone, just about 3 hours before I needed a sitter, and while the first few people said no ("I'd love to, but I can't! I'm so sorry!" I appreciated their regret, too. So nice), I did find someone. And they said to stay out as late as we wanted, so Ches and I went out to eat together afterward. Just the two of us. That is so rare!

8. Talking on the phone. Yes, I'm a gabber. I love to talk on the phone. I feel lonely otherwise. I'm always calling my sisters or my mom. I'm always calling my sisters-in-law (that would be you, Alyson and Tanya!). I'm always calling my long-distance friends. I love to hear every detail of everything and tell them about my day, my kids, my frustrations, etc. I love it when everyone calls me (which happens a lot, so thank you, guys!!). It makes me feel loved and popular (yes, I'm still in high school brain mode a lot).

7. Post a Secret. I first saw this on Karen's blog links, and now I have to check it out every week. Some make me sad, some make me laugh, some make me think, and a lot make me relate. I want to send one in. I have a couple of ideas, so I will send in my own, but I will never tell anyone I did it. Not even Ches. Well, maybe not Ches. I can't hide things from him very well. I talk too much. I also want the new book that recently came out. The proceeds go to such a good cause, and I just want to be able to look over all these secrets and realize that I'm not alone in my thoughts of so many things!

6. My Crock Pot. I love that I can just put in some food before I eat my lunch, and when Ches walks in the door for dinner, I say, "hey! Dinner's ready! Good timing!" The Crock Pot was a genius of an invention. The best is when you have something like a roast or chili cooking in it, you are gone for most of the day (church or marching band rehearsals are when I use it the most), and you come home and can smell all the yummy smells. Aaahhh, more Heaven for me.

5. Christmas lights. They are just plain beautiful. Some people tend to overdo their yards, so in the day it looks garish,but I still love the lights at night. I love the colors, the twinking, everything! Good thing I live in Reno. I get to see the casinos and have the lovely colors year round! It's great! (And I'm not being sarcastic)

4. Being a sub in a kindergarten class. This is one of the hardest jobs ever (ohmygosh! The energy!!), but being a sub is great. When we lived in Arizona and Ches was doing his student teaching, I was a sub in Mesa. I was having a tough few months as at first I was pregnant (and it was NOT an easy pregnancy), then I had a miscarriage. I felt so horrible and yucky all the time, but when I got to sub with kindergarteners, I felt great. Those are the sweetest kids! They would say things like, "Mrs. Sharp, you are wearing a very pretty dress today." "Mrs. Sharp, I love your hair." "You're my favorite teacher ever, Mrs. Sharp!" and my all-time favorite: "You're the prettiest teacher, Mrs. Sharp." followed by a hug. What little darlings!

3. Kisses. My husband kisses me goodnight every single night, and he kisses me before he leaves every single morning. If he doesn't, then I think our marriage has fallen completely apart and he's leaving me. He knows that (I have mentioned before about how I tend to blow things way out of proportion, right??). I love the kisses because it's just that little thing that reminds me yes, he loves me, even though I'm still asleep in bed and he's off to work or even though we had a huge fight because I didn't do the laundry like I said I would so he has no clean dress pants. He still loves me. Oh, and kisses from my kids... those slobbery, dirty, sticky kisses are the best (when they are from your own kids, anyway).

2. Books! I LOVE to read! A lot! Apparantly, I taught myself to read when I was 3. I don't remember what it was like to not know how to read. It is such an important thing for me. The other night I stayed up until 1:30 am reading because I was so engrossed in my book. That was a big mistake, by the way, since I still had to get up early with the kids and take care of them all day!! Anyrate, tomorrow is library day, and I can't wait to browse for some new books. I just finished reading "Single Wife" by Nina Solomon (I really liked it a lot, so yes, I recommend it), and am currently reading "The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe" to Aiden. What should I get at the library tomorrow? I can't wait!

1. Watching Aiden play when he doesn't know I'm looking. He gets so engrossed in what he is doing, and it's just plain fun to watch. We could probably throw out all of his toys except his Star Wars toys from Burger King and he would never get bored a day in his life. He still plays with his other toys, but not like he does with these. I love all the voices he gives the characters, the conversations they have, and the "action-adventure" scenarios. He gets so into it! What a great imagination he has. When he is pretending to be Spiderman, he moves his body in certain ways that just cracks me up. I can't describe it. He can play by himself so well, and it is truely a fun thing to watch.

I have more favorite things, but I shall save them for another day. I could go on for hours, but my baby just woke up and I should go hold him (that is something for my next favorite things list).

Friday, December 09, 2005

You Oughtta Know

There is a local band here that is just awesome! They are on tour right now (I think they will be in Pocatello this week, actually), so if they ever come near you, check them out. Their name is Sol Jibe. Seriously, they are awesome. It's kind of like if you mix the Dave Matthews Band with Latin music. They are really into the World music sound. So fun to listen to. They will be back in Reno soon, and one of the guys' girlfriend told me they will be having a show on the 23rd. Heck yeah! I know what I want to do for my birthday now! You can check out their website here, and you can even download some of their music.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Things That Make You Go "Hmmmm"...

I got this in my email today, and while I'm sure I've gotten it before and you have all gotten it, I got a good giggle out of it. Enjoy.

Why do we press harder on a remote control when we know the batteries are getting weak?
Why do banks charge a fee on "insufficient funds" when they know there is not enough?
Why does someone believe you when you say there are four billion stars, but check when you say the paint is wet?
Why doesn't glue stick to the bottle?
Why do they use sterilized needles for death by lethal injection?
Why doesn't Tarzan have a beard?
Why does Superman stop bullets with his chest, but ducks when you throw a revolver at him?
Why do Kamikaze pilots wear helmets?
Whose idea was it to put an "S" in the word "lisp"?
If people evolved from apes, why are there still apes?
Why is it that no matter what color bubble bath you use the bubbles are always white?
Is there ever a day that mattresses are not on sale?
Why do people constantly return to the refrigerator with hopes that something new to eat will have materialized?
Why do people keep running over a string a dozen times with their vacuum cleaner, then reach down, pick it up, examine it, then put it down to give the vacuum one more chance?
Why is it that no plastic bag will open from the end on your first try?
How do those dead bugs get into those enclosed light fixtures?
When we are in the supermarket and someone rams our ankle with a shopping cart then apologizes for doing so, why do we say, "It's all right?" Well, it isn't all right, so why don't we say, "That hurt, you stupid idiot?"
Why is it that whenever you attempt to catch something that's falling off the table you always manage to knock something else over?
In winter why do we try to keep the house as warm as it was in summer when we complained about the heat?
How come you never hear father-in-law jokes?
And my FAVORITE...... The statistics on sanity are that one out of every four persons is suffering from some sort of mental illness. Think of your three best friends -- if they're okay, then it's you.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Hawaii Update II

Yesterday there were a couple of the local TV news stations and some radio stations that did stories on the band not going to Hawaii. I still think this is wrong, but here are some of the realities.

UNR is receiving $750,000 to go to this bowl game. $350,000 of that goes to the WAC. The rest of the money is being used to send the 90 members of the football team, the coaches/staff and their families, a "handful" of cheerleaders (again, I don't think it's right that they should have to pick and choose who gets to go and who has to stay), and "some" of the athletics admistration. To take the band, you would have to charter a plane, and there just isn't the money for that, not to mention hotel stay and food. To get regular airline tickets at this point would cost approximately $1400 per student, so that's obviously out of the question. Essentially, they would be looking at spending a quarter of a million dollars to send the band. Where is that money supposed to come from?

I still think if the school wanted to do it, they could, but maybe that's just me.

The football team will be in Hawaii for a week, and they get to do all sorts of cool tours, sightseeing, etc. (including a visit to the Pearl Harbour Memorial and some sort of feast on the beach). I think that if you are going to Hawaii, you should totally do that stuff, but why do they need to do so much? And why do the coaches, staff, and administration get to take their families (or lesbian lovers, for that matter)?? I'm all for the families going, but make them pay their own way. First of all, coaches get paid insane amounts of money, so they could probably afford it anyway. Second of all, why not spend that money on some of the cheerleaders who will not be going?

Central Florida is not bringing their band for the same reasons as Nevada. In fact, no mainland school has ever brought their band to the Hawaii Bowl, according to the news last night. Too bad.

One of the best compliments I ever received was from a friend of mine at the University of Idaho. She and her husband were also transfer students from Ricks College. She was a member of the basketball team at Ricks. She said that as the players, they loved the band. The band brought so much support and spirit, and the athletes hated any games without the band. She said they never played as well without us. Then she thanked Ches and me for being in the band. Your welcome, Camille!! It's nice being appreciated.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Hawaii Update

The good news (for me, anyrate) is Ches is no longer going to Hawaii. The athletic department said they can't afford to send the band. It sucks for the band, though. I also think it's a big mistake on their part. Ches is upset mostly because two weeks ago athletics promised the band that the entire band would get to go whereever the bowl game was. Two weeks ago, they knew it was a strong possibility that they'd be going to Hawaii. At first, the band was told that only part of the band would be allowed to go. The directors didn't like that, so they told athletics "It's all of us or none of us."

Here's my beef with the situation: Is the football team going to leave home all those players that will sit on the bench? No. Are they going to leave home those players who don't even dress? No. Why should the band have to choose who to bring when they actually use every single person? Well, even that option was taken away from the band.

Here's another problem I have: (and good luck following this bit. Trust me, it's reliable, just a little hard to follow so you may have to read it a couple of times.) My good friend, Tiffany, was just telling me of her friend who's sister is a lesbian. The lesbian's partner works for athletics (I don't know what she does, however). The partner gets to go to Hawaii for the game, and she gets to bring her partner. SO... my friend's friend's sister gets to go to Hawaii with her partner, but the band doesn't. I don't understand why the band can't go!

In 1998 I was attending the University of Idaho (Go Vandals!) and was a member of the marching band (The Pride of Idaho). Our football team was actually pretty good that year, and we were able to attend a bowl game (granted, it was only the Humanitarian Bowl down in Boise, but it was something!). The school paid for the band to attend. Because it was during Christmas break, the school paid for transportation... we had people flying in from Ohio, Virginia, Michigan, Alaska, and Ches and I from Calgary (yes, that was an expensive ticket because it is an international flight). The school (NOT the band) paid for our hotel stay, gave us per diem money for food, and even bought us special coats to wear over our uniforms in case it was really cold (which it wasn't. It ended up being 50 degrees that day, and us color guard girls didn't need the shirts we bought to wear under our sleaveless uniforms!). The Idaho marching band is not a small band. It's not as big as some of those big-time schools, like Notre Dame or something, but it is a large band nonetheless. I figure if the University of Idaho can come up with the money, why can't Nevada? We did more than just play a halftime show and the fight song throughout the game, too. We were involved in a lot of PR stuff, pep rallies, alumni gatherings, and a "half-time extravaganza" that included the other university's band and some hot-shot singer and floats. We won the game, so we had to play at some celebration thing afterward before we were sent home. The other university only brought part of their band, and they didn't even march their half-time show. They did a park-n-bark. Trust me, it did not make their school look good.

If Nevada wants some school spirit in Hawaii, if Nevada wants to look really good in Hawaii, they will send the band. I really think it's a HUGE mistake of them to not find a way to send them. I'm sure they could get the money together if they really wanted to. This is an athletic department we're talking about. They have donors coming out the yin-yang! It's not like a little music department that has to scrimp and save for every little thing and then still get permission from half the world to do anything! I hate politics between the arts and athletics.

On another not-really-related subject... Ohio State will be playing Notre Dame in the Fiesta Bowl. We are very excited, as we are Ohio State fans (Ches served his mission in Columbus, Ohio), we love Notre Dame and our good friend from U of I, Emmett, is one of the band directors there, and one of the local marching bands here in Nevada that both Ches and I worked with this year is going to the Fiesta Bowl. That will be so fun! Wish we were going to Tempe for New Year's now!

Monday, December 05, 2005

My Weekend

It was a busy weekend here. Sometimes I really feel like the weekend needs an extra day or two just so we can recover from the weekend. Is it just me?

Saturday was State Football Playoffs. HHS lost. It was very sad. I mean, everyone is SO excited that the made it all the way and that means they are #2 for large schools, but the team had a really off day. They didn't even score!! It was also very cold at the game. Only about 40 degrees (F), and our side of the stadium was in the shade the entire day. The band did okay. We didn't perform the halftime show (we quit marching a long time ago!), but we did have our feeder school with us: TMS. We were supposed to march in a Hometowne Christmas Parade, but since our team made it to State, we changed our plans. Since the middle school kids had been practicing the parade music, at half time we had the kids (middle and high schoolers) march on to the track, then arc it up to play for the stands. I got to teach a bunch of the middle school kids how to spin a flag and they learned a little routine. They were so nervous! They actually did quite well, for never having done it before, and learning everything in the space of an hour.


At church yesterday, Aiden was in nursery and someone from Primary went in to take a picture of him. I happened to be walking the halls with a very tired Dallin when she came out of the nursery, just laughing. She saw me and said, "He is so funny!"

"What did he do now?" I groaned.

"I was taking his picture, so he kept posing, saying 'I'm a Power Ranger!'"

"He's never even seen Power Rangers! Where in the world does he learn this stuff??"

"Oh, honey," replied the experienced mom, "they learn this stuff in Heaven before they get here. There is nothing you can do."

I think she is totally right.


It was announced yesterday that Nevada is going to Hawaii for their bowl game. That means the band is going to Hawaii. That means Ches is going to Hawaii. Oh, and the game is on Christmas Eve. Yup. My birthday. I'm quite depressed. I want to go! And I don't want my husband gone to some exotic island on MY birthday! I know I'm whining big time, but I just don't think it's fair. All I can say is, he'd better get me something really cool.


Fourth Fret, the alligator does not have a name. Aiden hasn't started actually naming his stuffed animals yet. I asked him once what his favorite dog was called, and he thought for a minute and replied, "Ummm, Dog!" He thought it was pretty brilliant. So the alligator is just Alligator. Although sometimes he is Crocodile. Actually he is Crocodile more often than Alligator. And when Aiden is really excited about something, it is Crocodiyiyiyiyiyiyal. So anyway, please don't take your ball and leave! You have the coolest ball, and the coolest game ideas ever! We'd be heartbroken without you.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

The Case of the Missing Three Year Old

Two nights ago, Aiden was in bed (after successfully going through his Bedtime checklist, of course), and Ches and I were in our room getting ready for bed. We noticed it had gotten really quiet, so we were complimenting ourselves on being able to get Aiden to bed on his own and to sleep so quickly. Ches decided to go check on him and make sure he wasn't half falling out of bed (which is a common occurance for Aiden).

Ches called me into the room and said, "You gotta see this!" I entered the room. Aiden wasn't in his bed! Where was he? I thought perhaps he joined Dallin in the crib and fell asleep, but no. Only Dallin was in the crib. Where could he be? I didn't hear the front door open. There was no one in the living room or kitchen. I almost started to panic, when I turned and saw this little face, peering out from the big bin of stuffed animals in between Aiden's bed and the crib.

Aiden had climbed in with the stuffed animals, covered himself with his giant alligator, and fallen asleep. Too bad our camera is broken. I really wanted to show you guys what a goof my child is!

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Bedtime Checklist

For those of you without children, I'm sorry. But I had to post about this. I'll do more posts for your enjoyment later. Although... some of these ideas may be helpful for husbands or roommates! :)

We have a real problem with getting Aiden to bed. He is not a very good sleeper, and for what seems like forever, he has had to have either Ches or I sit next to his bed until he falls asleep at night. A few weeks ago, I said enough is enough, he is old enough to just go to bed! It took some kicking and screaming the first night, less the second night, and even less the third night, but it was working. Aiden was figuring out that he could go to bed on his own and he didn't need us to stay in there with him. However, even though I know all the experts say you should have a set bedtime routine, we weren't so rock-solid on it, so Aiden would often get up with excuses like, "I need to go potty!" or "We forgot to say family prayer!" or "I need to give you a kiss again!". I was talking to some more experienced mothers (they have teenagers or older now) about this, and I got a great suggestion from one mom. She sat down with her kids and they made a checklist. The kids decided what all went on the checklist, and every night they went through the list. The kids could see what was on the list, they ckecked it off every night, and they had no more excuses to get out of bed ("I need a drink!" "We forgot to read a story!). So Aiden and I spent an evening making one fine looking poster that now hangs on his closet door. Every night Aiden excitedly goes over the entire list, and IT WORKS. Except that he still says "I have to go potty again, Mom", and then what do you do when you are trying to train him to tell you when he actually has to go potty? So we quickly sit on the potty, and it's back to bed. Here is Aiden's Bedtime Checklist:

Put on pajamas
Sit on the potty
Brush teeth
Family prayer (this includes kisses and goodnights)
Read a story
Get a drink
Personal prayer

The other suggestion that the woman had was to have the kids help make the chores list. She took each of her kids and they got to choose what chores they thought they could do. Every month or 6 weeks (whenever she felt it necessary), they would make up new lists and add on to it what chores they were able to do. Her kids literally fought over what chores they wanted to have ("no, I want to do the dishes!" "I get to vacuum!"), and they rushed to do their chores everyday so they could keep the chores on their list. By choosing on their own, the kids feel more in control and they WANT to do these things.

I swear, this woman is a genius. I had a little bit of an idea of using a list (I wanted to make one up for using the bathroom that included flushing the toilet, washing hands, and turning off the light), but it wasn't going to be one that Aiden got to choose what was on the list. Seriously, this thing is great.

Self Realization Sunday

During Relief Society on Sunday, we were discussing forgiveness, using the Prodigal Son parable as a main source of the lesson. As I listened to this familiar story and heard about the younger, wayward son as he was welcomed back into the home with a great feast, I felt a kind of kinship with the elder son when he gets angry and says, "Lo, these many years do I serve thee, neither transgressed I at anyt time thy commandment: and yet thou never gavest me a kid, that I might make merry with my friends. But as soon as this thy son was come, which hath devoured thy living with harlots, thou hast killed for him the fatted calf." (Luke 15: 29-30)

Now, none of my siblings have devoured anyone's living with harlots. They are all really good people. But I feel like the elder son in my jealousy of my siblings. I'm jealous because my youngest sister gets to go to a really great university. I really and truely loved going to Ricks College, but before I went there, I had visions of going to one of the country's top schools. I wanted a huge university! So, sometimes I get angry and think that she doesn't really appreciate what she has, and how come my parents are letting her go there instead of encouraging her to go somewhere smaller, cheaper, closer to them? I'm jealous that when my brother and sister each got married, they were given furniture from family members. When I got married, Ches and I had nothing. We borrowed a bed for a year until we bought our own, and everything else we had to buy ourselves at second-hand stores. When I was in high school, my parents didn't have a lot of money (like, none) so I earned my own money for everything I did. I paid for flag camp. I paid for clothes. I paid for fun. I paid for my senior pictures. I paid for graduation announcements. When I went to college, I had $60 in savings. Not much to do anything with. I had to scrimp and save and work and take out loans just to get through school. When my siblings went for college, they also had to scrimp and save and get loans, but they are still able to be supported by parents to a degree. They didn't have to pay for every little thing on their own throughout high school. I have tons and tons of examples of things that I think they get that I don't or didn't get. I'm jealous that I feel like I do everything that I'm expected to do, but I have to work so much harder and do it all completely on my own. I feel sorry for myself.

Back to the parable. I realized that it is stupid to feel sorry for myself. I don't deserve all this extra stuff. My siblings don't get half the attention and support that I think they do, I'm sure. I tend to blow things WAY out of proportion, and then feel even more sorry for myself, and then I get angry. Why do I continue to do this??

I realized that I really don't like this about myself. Even though Erica got to go tryout for the Olympics, that doesn't mean I should be angry because I never even got to go to band camp. Even though Vince was allowed a later curfew his senior year of high school doesn't mean I have to be angry because I had to be in at midnight... even on my 18th birthday when I was watching "Gone With The Wind" at the movie theatre and had to leave at Intermission. Even though Lura got to have fresh flowers and a wedding party when she got married doesn't mean that I have to be angry that I felt as if I had to do my entire wedding for everyone else and stay in their budget and hear comments like "when you get married, just elope, okay?" (That will be another post another day, however)

I'm lucky and blessed to have all the things that I do have and to have done the things I have done and to have the experiences that I have had. I have a great life and a great family, even if everything hasn't worked out quite like I planned, and even if we are still waiting for some of the good things we want to happen to actually happen to us!

I resolve to celebrate the successes of my siblings and other family members. I resolve to find happiness in the comings and goings of others and not get so caught up in myself. I resolve to remind myself that I am not forgotten just because I haven't gotten some of the same things as others, but that I am loved in different ways and I am who I am because of those differences.

I hope this works. I want to be a better person!

Monday, November 28, 2005

Band Trip

This weekend, after all the Thanksgiving hoopla, most people woke up early Friday morning to go shopping (or they were smart and stayed in bed because they were still full from all that food). I, on the other hand, got up early to ride on a charter bus with a bunch of teenagers for 10 hours. Such fun!!!!

Actually, it wasn't that bad. I was able to be a chaperone for the HHS band as we traveled to Las Vegas for state semi-finals in football. Vegas, baby!! We had to share the bus with the cheerleaders, and normally that is something I hate to do. The girls were really good, however. Yay! No extra annoying whining! Once we got to Vegas and checked into our hotels (we didn't have the same hotel as the cheerleaders), we split the kids up into groups of 10 with two chaperones each, then we hit the town.

My group was actually the drumline. There is only one girl on the drumline, so we were a little outnumbered. The other chaperone was Andy, my color guard dad and the official "best band mom ever". We took the kids to the Hard Rock Cafe for dinner (it was across the street from the hotel we were staying at). The best part was we happened to be seated in a section where all the signed drumheads and symbols were. Andy and I both loved it, and the one white kid on our drumline is totally into hard rock, so he was literally drooling as we pointed out some of the paraphanalia. Everyone had really good meals, and it was such a good experience for these kids. Most of these kids will never go someplace like this. If they do go on trips with their families, they don't get to go far away, and eating out means McDonalds. So it was a lot of fun.

After dinner, we walked to the strip (it was about a half hour walk! Man, we sure all worked off our turkey dinners!!). We had a game plan as a group: go to New York New York and ride the roller coaster, see the fountain show at the Bellagio, go to MnM World, and spend the majority of the night at Game Works. What we ended up doing was walking to NYNY, waiting while the kids decided that it was too long of a wait, then going to Game Works. Now, I am NOT an arcade person. I am NOT a video game person. That would be my husband. So, I was bored out of my mind. But the kids had a good time. I went upstairs and visited MnM World by myself and got souveniers for Aiden and Dallin.Then I walked around the Coca-Cola place for a few minutes, but they were closing, so I headed back down to Game Works to wait for the kids. By the time we had them gathered up and stopped someplace because they were dying of thirst, we didn't have time to see the water show. So, back to the hotel we went.

Saturday was the football game. Most of the kids assumed that since we were in Vegas, it would be really hot, so they didn't bring their jackets or sweatshirts off the bus. Silly kids! I wasn't freezing or anything, but it was cool, and there was a LOT of wind. The wind made it feel colder than it was.

The game was really good and really exciting. HHS ended up winning it in sudden-death overtime 17-14. The state finals are this Saturday, here in town at Mackay Stadium. Yay for no more long bus drives!!!!!! After the game it was back on the bus for the very long ride home. One of the movies we watched was "Honey", about this dancer who teaches hip hop to kids and wants to dance in videos. It was actually a pretty cute movie. A very obvious plotline, not the greatest actors, but it was still fun to watch. It had David Moscow in it, and I don't think I've seen him in anything since "Newsies"! Still not a very good actor, but certainly not the worst (the worst actors ever are #1 Keanu Reeves, #2 Kevin Costner).

I was sick all day on Friday, but my fever broke during the night so I felt great on Saturday. However, my head was starting to hurt, and by Sunday afternoon it was a full-on migraine. That didn't go away until about 3:30 p.m. Monday afternoon.

It was a pretty good trip overall. We have some pretty great kids in this band, and I'm proud of them. I missed my kids, but they had fun with Dad. Mostly I was sad because Dallin got up on his hands and knees all by himself on Friday, so I missed it!! When Ches told me about it on the phone that night, I started to cry a little. He said, "Don't cry. It's not that big og a deal and he'll do it again."

"Yeah, but I'm the MOTHER!" I replied. "I'm supposed to be there!" I think I'm still sad because Aiden took his first steps at the sitter's house when I was teaching part time. That was when I knew that as much as I loved teaching, I loved being at home with my kids more and I couldn't be at work.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Is This Sex Ed??

It seems that in recent years there have been a number of criminal cases brought about because of teachers having sex with their students. Now, I'm sure this kind of thing has been going on for an eternity, but lately we are hearing more and more. The biggest shocker are these female teachers sleeping with their middle school students. Mary Kay Laterneau was the first big case, and we watched as she was sentenced to jail, had two children with her student, got out of jail, and is now married to that student.

Yesterday, it was announced that Debra Lafave, a school teacher from Florida, will NOT serve prison time because she plead guilty to having sex with a 14- year old student. She is essentially under house arrest, but it's not even that bad. She doesn't have to wear that ankle bracelet (made a fashion statement by Martha Stewert), she may leave the house for work or "life essentials" (I.e., grocery shopping, etc.), and she MUST be in the house between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. The judge reportedly said she was too pretty to go to prison, and who knows what would happen to her there.

I'm sorry. Did you say you are worried about her well-being in prison? We are talking about a 25-year old teacher that slept with a 14 year old middle school student, right??? I could care less about her well-being in prison. That is where she deserves to be! If this was between a male teacher and a student (male or female... it doesn't matter), the male teacher would be behind bars. Ms. Lafave does have to register as a sex offender and cannot work with children or ever get her teacher certificate back. That's something, but not enough. I don't see the equality in punishment here.

Watching CNN last night, I saw commentator Nancy Grace talking to a number of people, including one so-called expert (I think she was a lawyer for the Leterneau case). This woman stated that women are NOT predatory to children, that they are only involved in relationships, and that boys aren't as damaged by these "relationships" as girls are, so women cannot be classified the same as men when it comes to sex crimes.

EXCUSE ME? I'm sorry, but I thought I heard you say women are NOT predatory. Oh, you did? I didn't know that it was okay for adult women to have sex with young boys. By the way, 14 IS young. Middle school IS young.

This whole thing just ticks me off. As a female teacher, I think it makes me look bad. Who knows how many other whack-jobs there are out there. As a parent it makes me scared beyond belief. My boys could end up with a teacher that has a sexual interest in them, and if that teacher is female and engages in a relationship with MY son, that teacher may not serve prison time. Where is the lesson in all of this? Where is the punishment? There is no difference whatsoever between males and females as far as sex crimes. A sex offender is a sex offender. They should all have the same punishment. And in this case, there should BE a punishment. There should be NO romanticizing of the situation (as in the case of Mary Kay Laterneau). The whole thing is ridiculous, and something better needs to be done about it.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Falling Into Manhood

Have you ever noticed that every single guy has a little scar under his chin? Well, maybe not every guy, but all the ones I can think of. I remember having conversations about this in college, and each guy lifting up his chin to show off the scar, then relating the story behind it. Some fell from trees or swingset, some had bike wrecks, I think one guy even had a shaving accident. It seems to be this introduction into manhood. Every male must get a scar under his chin.

Today, Aiden has started his journey into manhood. After church, I was finally preparing myself some lunch, Ches was in the kitchen talking to me, Dallin was playing on the living room floor, and Aiden was sitting at the table about to eat some chips and salsa. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Aiden's chair tip backwards. There are some moments in my life that seriously seem to go in slow motion, and this was one of them. I couldn't get there in time and the chair fell all the way down. Aiden had fallen backwards, and hit his head on the floor. I immediately picked him up and rushed to the couch to calm him down. After a minute or so of him crying like he was dying, we noticed he was bleeding... a LOT. Further investigation showed that he had a cut under his chin. It wasn't just a little slap on a band-aid cut, either. It was a long, wide, deep gash. We had to go to the emergency room.

Needless to say, I was a nervous wreck. We don't have insurance, so who knows how much this is going to cost! But most of all, my baby is hurt. He is such a boy, so he falls down all the time. His fingetnails are always dirty, and his legs are black and blue from so many bruises. He has scrapes all over him. It's normal. But this cut on his chin was not normal.

Well, I held it together pretty well, and we were actually in and out of the hospital in an hour. I'm impressed! I mean, when I lived in Arizona, I had to go to the emergency room in Mesa, and I was there for over 7 hours before I saw anyone! Everyone was friendly and helpful. Aiden got an aweful lot of stickers from the nurses. He didn't get stitches, but he has some kind of glue on his chin now. It should wear off in about 5 days. He is totally fine, so we are home, happy, and healthy (that is, until we get the bill. Hmmm.).

The best part is that as we were in one room, waiting for a nurse, Ches and I talked about how Aiden will now have his "manly" scar under his chin. The nurse came in, took one look at Aiden and said, "Every boy falls and cuts his chin at some point."

Aiden, welcome to manhood. Or the first step, anyway. You are only 3 after all!

Friday, November 18, 2005

Big Announcement


Doing my little Harry Potter dance of joy right now.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Passion Party

As many of you know, I was able to attend my first "passion party" last night. A passion party is like a Tupperware or Mary Kay party, but the products are lotions, lingerie, and what I like to call "devices". I'm hesitant to type a lot of these words here, not because my mom is reading this or anything, but because I just don't want people doing a search under one of these words, finding my blog, and then who knows what kind of readers and comments I'll get! So, you'll understand if I'm a little vague, right?

On to the party! I was invited by the mom (D) of a girl (B) who was in the band that I work with last year. B is now a college freshman, and in the university bands that Ches works with. (Clear as mud yet??) B's boyfriend was a model at a bridal fair here in town, so B went to support him. She was checking out all these booths, and everyone would ask her when the big day is, so she started to make up names and dates and wedding details. At one booth, she found a perfume that she really liked. The sales lady said she could have it for free if she hosted a party, so B said "You bet!" She then said to her mom, "Invite whoever you want." D was at a football game a couple of weeks ago (she has another daughter still in high school), and was telling the band boosters about this, and all of us women were invited. B didn't really want a lot of the college kids to know about this, so she said she was only inviting all the lesbians in marching band. She invited some close friends, however, and it got to be a bigger group than what you would think. So picture this: crammed into a small living room is D, another older lady (I say older, but I mean late 40's. Compared to all these college freshman, that is older) that D works with, another band mom, several lesbians, several gay men, some couples, and me -- the straight, conservative, young married, Mormon girl. I just knew this was going to be a riot!

The presentation included some language that I don't usually use (Ches and I are pretty private about sex), but it wasn't that bad. There were a LOT of lotions that smelled really yummy, felt great, and tasted really yummy, too. There was glow in the dark stuff, sparkly stuff, warming up stuff, and even this stuff that smells different on each person. It mixes with your body's chemicals so you get your own smell. Mine was a really light, fresh and airy smell. D smelled more like peppermint, and the other band mom was a very distinct bubblegum. That was cool. I got this one kind of lotion that smells like mandarin orange. We got to try it as if it were chapstick or something. I liked it so much I decided that even if Ches and I never use it, I'll have this really cool, tingly, yummy chapstick! :)

After the lotions, we were shown some lingerie, but there really wasn't much of that. I saw a couple of cute things, and maybe I'll order those later. When we have some more money (our car broke down again, so money is extra tight right now). That did not take long. Then out came the books (I wasn't even interested! With titles like "Tickle his Pickle"... yeah. So not me!) and the toys. I refused to touch the toys and devices. Most of the stuff I didn't know what they were for! I couldn't believe it! People actually USE this stuff? EW!!!!

Overall, it was quite educating and interesting. Interesting is the key word. There were a lot of good laughs, and I wish it had been more, I don't know, classy? I saw something on the Today show (the very morning I was first told about this party) about these bedroom parties, and it didn't really look like this. Oh, well. It was still fun, and I did buy a couple of things, including "spicy dice". Hee hee. I told Ches, "We keep saying we need more games for two people!" The best was that all these freshman are in music, and they all know Ches, but they didn't know me. Comments like, "That's Ches' wife??" were heard (what does that mean, anyway? Is that good or bad?), and some said they were going to make up stories about me at the party to tell Ches later. Since I got home at 11:30 p.m., Ches was sound asleep, and he got up and left before I woke up, so I never got a chance to tell him about the party. I was curious if they would be able to make up a story that he would believe!

Best part of the night: at the end they had some drawings and I was one of the first winners. Which meant I won a pretty rose that when you open it up, there is a really pretty pair of panties for me to wear! I was glad to get that because everyone who won after me got a little pencil eraser that is shaped like a penis.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Running Into Walls

Proud Mum and Julia, I had to add my two cents worth.

Another bunch of stuff from Ricks College here. One day I was running late for Symphonic Band. Now, for those of you who don't know (or haven't yet figured it out), Ricks College was a small, LDS junior college. It has changed recently and is now BYU-Idaho. Anyrate, because it is a religious, private school, there are a lot of religious things you can do there that you can't do elsewhere (or as easily, anyway). For example, we studied straight out of the hymnbook in music theory, discussed what church leaders and prophets have said in music history, and a prayer was offered at the beginning of every performance and a lot of classes. Symphonic Band always had a prayer before rehearsal.

On this particular day, as I said, I was running late. We rehearsed on the stage in the concert hall (one of the most acoustically correct in the country, btw. I'm a little proud of that!), and the doors to the stage were closed. They were in the middle of prayer. So I waited outside the doors until the prayer was over. Meanwhile, someone else was late or walking by or something and stopped to say hi to me. So I turned and talked to them for a minute. When the prayer was done (I could hear people rustling their instruments and stuff around), I turned around to walk in to rehearsal. I guess I forgot the door was closed, because I walked right into it. Of course, with those perfect acoustics, the sound reverbrated throughout the concert hall and everyone on stage turned and looked at me. They saw it was just me, and I guess they assumed that was no surprise because everyone went back to their business without a second glance.

I have walked into the pillars in the lobby of the Snow Building (the fine arts building at Ricks, aka, my other home). I walked into the walls of the hallways. It was a constant.

So, Proud Mum and Julia, you aren't the only ones.

The Tetris Girls

This one's for you, ABQ, per request.

When I was a sophomore at Ricks College, I had the best three roommates ever. Their names are Fawn, Lara, and Jenny. We got along so well, it was unbelievable. We never had a fight. We never had a conflict. We had dinner together almost every night. We prayed together every night. We had scripture study together. We hung out together. We supported each other in our different talents and interests. We wrote to each others' missionaries and boyfriends at other universities. We were meant to be roommates.

We also had a LOT of fun. Fawn was a nursing student, and I was a music major, and we shared a room. Because those were two of the most difficult majors on campus, you could walk into our bedroom and feel the stress level right away. We often needed to find ways to relieve the stress. So we'd grap Lara and Jenny, jump into Fawn's car, and drive around the small town of Rexburg with the window wide open, sticking our heads out the window, and screaming. Just screaming nothingness, but screaming all the way. Then, whenever we saw someone walking along the sidewalk, we'd pull up next to them and start to sing our official apartment song:

So kiss me and smile for me
Tell me that you'll wait for me
Hold me like you'll never let me go!
'Cuz I'm leavin' on a jet plane
I don't know when I'll be back again
Oh babe, I hate to go!

We got the strangest looks from people. One guy walked up to the car window and said, "Well, if you insist!". I happened to be sitting there at the time. He grabbed my face and leaned in the window to KISS me! EW!! Luckily, I was able to turn my head in time. Fawn sped off and we laughed for an hour on that one.

Our apartment (Pineview #40 rocks the house down to the ground!!) was located on the bottom floor of our building. It was actually just below ground level, so our living room window was even with the ground. We had our couch right under the window, and we used to joke that once it started snowing, we'd sell hot chocolate to all the passerbys on their way to and from class. One day, Fawn and I were sitting on the couch, eating cereal (even though it was about 8:30 pm), when we decided to have a little fun. We stood on the couch, opened the window, and started yelling out the window to people: "Help! Help us! We're locked in!" Most people would start to walk faster, I guess to get away from the two crazy girls.

One guy, however, stopped, looked around, then came over to the window. "What's wrong?" he asked.

"We're locked in!" We started in with this whole story of how we were locked in the apartment and couldn't get out, and we needed someone to help us get out. We said our managers said we were bad and put us in our apartment with nothing but fake Cap'n Crunch to eat and locked us in. The poor stranger asked, "They locked you in? How do you know?"

"Well, they shut the door and said 'Okay, you're locked in now.' So we thought that's it."

"Are you sure the door is locked? Have you tried opening it?"

Fawn and I looked at each other in surprise. We both ran to the door, opened it, and ran into the hallway jumping and yelling, "It's not locked!! I'm free! I'm FREE!!"

When we got back to our apartment, the stranger was gone. Poor guy. And that's what you get when you put a group of Mormon girls together that are full of stress and have no desire to get drunk.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Do I Have the Time???

So, I was going to write some really great post that would either make everyone laugh and think, "Wow, that Sariah is one funny chick" or one that would make everyone pause and ponder the great and wonderful things of the world and my view of it.

However, I spent most of my time online today chatting on Yahoo! IM with ABQ Mom (and a little with Erica and Jesse) and trying to read everyone else's blogs. I'm not complaining because I love to read all y'all, but now I've been online too long. I just have dial up, so if anyone is trying to call, the phone just rings and rings for them, and I never know. Also, with the computer, you can't get your other chores done. And this house has a ton of chores right now.

We emptied our storage unit and are trying to get rid of a lot of our stuff that we will never use again (but hang on to for sentimental reasons). That is a very hard job, by the way. How do you choose what is worth keeping and what is worth throwing away? Ches went through this huge tote of his that is full of stuff from his mission to Ohio, his band trips (mostly the one to Japan), and scouting stuff from when he was little. So many good things in there!! He wanted to get rid of a bunch of the fans from Japan and just keep a couple, but then he realized that so many of them were signed by people he had met or stayed with. How do you throw those away?? They are so personal now!

So anyrate... I have a few boxes of junk of my own. And yes, there is junk in there. I am a packrat. I found old cards and letters, emails that I had printed out because they were so funny at the time, knick knacks of various shapes and sizes, expired condoms, a jar of chocolate sauce that was a gift once (and has never been opened), a flashlight that plugs into the lighter of the car, pens and pencils, an old class and fee schedule from 1997, bank statements from 1995, pictures from 1993... ugh. It's a big job I have.

Anyway... so I don't have any more time on the computer. Oh, but I'm supposed to let everyone know that Alyson says hi and that she doesn't have internet right now for complicated reasons and hasn't had time to go to her mom's to use the computer, so that's why she hasn't posted in a while. Okay, now I'm going. I'll post something real later... maybe tonight after Ches gets home and he can take care of the kids. :)

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Car Music

So I'm driving down the road today when I notice this red Volkswagon Jetta with Oregon liscence plates. At every light and stop sign, the driver seems to be seriously rocking out to whatever music he was listening to. I saw him air guitaring it, almost complete headbanging, singing along, and air drumming. He was having such a good time! I wanted to follow him to where ever it was he was going just to ask him what music he was listening to. It looked way too enjoyable.

I used to have a tape that Jerkfaced Liar made for me back in high school titled "Car Music". It had all our favorite songs for road trips and such. Actually, I still have the tape, somewhere. Anyway, it's full of everything: U2, the Pogues, Violent Femmes, the Beatles, and one of my favorite songs ever: "American Pie" ("And the marching band refused to yeild!"). There's a ton (that's "tonne" for all you Canucks) of music that I dn't know who it is to this day, but when I happen to hear the song on the radio, I love it. I love car music.

Now that we have iTunes, I'd like to download some new music. I want to make a new Car Music CD. Taking suggestions. What song makes you totally rock out in the car right now? I'm really liking "Holiday" by Green Day, but don't necessarily want just the popular stuff that is constantly on the radio.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Nothingness, Lt. Dan, Library Books and the Grossest Thing EVER!

So, really, I have nothing to write about. Well, I do, but it's nothing interesting. I feel in a wierd funk again and I want to be interesting and witty and funny, but just can't find it in me. My blog is lacking, but I don't know how to fix it. It's not even that interesting to me. So, I'm sorry you have to read this crap. Oh wait, you don't. You can just leave this page if you want and read something worthwhile (I strongly recommend Karen or Fourth Fret. Karen is super smart and interesting, and Fourth Fret is probably about the funniest person ever.).

I was watching the Today Show this morning and saw something about Gary Sinese. He goes to Iraq a lot and entertains the troops by plaing in the band called "Lt. Dan's Band". He also works with the Special Ops troops and helps deliver things like school supplies to Iraqi children. He was talking about what good is going on in Iraq. All you hear about is this car bomb and that car bomb and this many people have been killed, etc. You never get to hear about what GOOD is happening over there, and there is a LOT of that. Gary Sinese also keeps in close contact with the special ops troops and others so tha he may hear about these good things that are happening and hopefully spread the news.

My brother-in-law, Jesse, is serving in Iraq right now, and I just want to let him and his fellow soldiers know that I personally really appreciate what they are doing. Jesse is giving up the first couple years of his married life to my sister, Lura, and the first part of his new son's life as well as school and work in order to fight for the freedom and priveleges that we enjoy in this country in another country. Not all people in Iraq are appreciative, but there are many who are. Yes, war sucks. Yes, I wish we weren't in a war, and yes, I wish Jesse could be in San Diego with his family right now. HOWEVER, that is not the case. We are in a war and Jesse is in Iraq. So, thank you Jesse. Thank you Gary Sinese for supporting the soldiers and helping out with more than just a big button that says he supports the troops.

So, on to the library. Tuesday is library day in our house. We go to story time and generally make a lot of noise and trouble there (Aiden loves the library, but doesn't quite understand that you have to be quiet there). I got new books today: "Lady Chatterly's Lover" by D.H. Lawrence and "Postcards" by E. Annie Proulx (she also wrote "The Shipping News", and while I haven't read the book, I enjoyed the movie and I tend to like the books more than the movies, except in the case of "Forrest Gump". I loved that movie and HATED the book.). I was also able to borrow the first 3 episodes of the documentary "Jazz" by Ken Burns on DVD for Ches (I was going to borrow all at once, but thought 3 weeks wasn't enough time to watch them all when Ches has school, work, homework, and practicing to do). I want to buy him "Jazz", but the cheapest I can find it is $200, so that's not happening for a while. Someday.

Okay, so the Grossest Thing That Ever Happened In The Entire World happened to me today. Well, maybe not the grossest thing EVER, but it was pretty disgusting. I was playing with Dallin while I was lying on the couch. I had him held up over me and was making him laugh. A great time for all. Then... he spit up all over my face. Lucky for me, I had just closed my mouth, so it didn't go in my mouth, but it did go in my nose. I mean, he got my entire face!! I was not happy. Aiden was on the other couch, watching TV. Being the great, big helper that he is, Aiden turns and looks at me, then says, "Mom, Dallin just spit up on you." Thanks, Aiden. I didn't realize.

And that is my Tuesday.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

A New Language

I promised Julia that I would write stories about her husband Paul. Paul and I became friends while at Ricks College in the mid- to late-'90's. He is a funny guy. We could joke around easily a just plain goof off at the drop of a hat. He was engaged to my best friend for a while, and when they broke it off my friend ended up really hurt for quite a while. There was a lot of pain for the both of them. It worked out, though, because Paul and Julia got back together, and Laural met the best guy in the world (even if he *is* taking her away from me to Chicago!!) and now they are married with 2 beautiful children. So anyways... I just wanted to explain how Paul and I know each other. Not bring up all this old history! The point of it all is that we were really good friends, but kind of went out seperate ways (mainly, I think, because Ches and I are such good friends with Laural. Ches treats her like a little sister and is very protective of her, so when she is hurt, he takes it a little personally. It's a really sweet quality he has.). Now that we have this alumni group, Julia and I have become correspondants of sorts, and now she has joined us "cool kids" by having a blog! I promised her some stories of Paul, so I'll start with this one:

It was Fall, 1997. Paul took a weekend to drive me down from Idaho to Salt Lake to pick up my stuff that was in storage at another friends' house for the summer. We also went to visit some old friends and Paul's brother down in Provo. It is about 4 hours from Rexburg to Provo (if I remember correctly), and Paul and I get bored easily, so we had to keep ourselves quite entertained in the truck. We were playing the normal kid car games (the alphabet game, liscence plates, he taught me "horse, horse, bury your horse", and I taught him "cop car", which my brother and sister and I made up when we were little). We sang along to cheesey music in the car ("Saturday's Warrior", if you must know) and had a lot of fun conversations. This next part comes straight out of my journal from that time:

For some odd reason, whenever we spoke, we would use the "s" sound whenever there was a "t" or "th", and put the "th" sound wherever there was an "s". We were getting pretty good, so we started to sing "99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall", which sounded more like this: "Ninesy-nine bosselth of beer on se wall; ninesy-nine bosselth of beer! Sake one down, path is around, ninesy-ace bosselth of beer on se wall." We got into the 60's, and got back to Rexburg.

The funniest part of all is that for the rest of the semester, Paul and I used our new language on each other, and everyone else just looked at us. Ches would shake his head and I know he was thinking , "What is with this girl? Do I really want to marry her? She's so wierd."

I think he still thinks that today.

So, okay, it wasn't that funny of a story for all of you, but it is a funny memory for me, and if Julia tells Paul about it, I guarantee he'll get a good laugh in remembrance! Oh, and Julia, ask Paul about the U *heart* Paul truck, and see what he remembers.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Cheeky Monkey

I just had to use this for a title. It's too funny, and I'm attempting to incorporate it in my daily speech patterns. You can thank Fourth Fret for that. In addition, thank Feather Sky if you hear me suddenly yell "Red over red! We're dead, you cheeky monkey!!!" I crack myself up.

I think one of the cutest things in the world is babies right after a bath. Once their hair is dry, it's all fuzzy and sticks straight up. So cute!! I just can't stop rubbing Dallin's head. And his skin is so soft and yummy smelling. I just want to snuggle him all day long. Until his spits up all over me, which will happen in about ten minutes. Then I end up smelling like baby puke, but he has the most satisfied grin on his face, and he settles down and gets cuddly.

There could be worse things.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Easy Italian Chicken

I'm making this for dinner tonight. It's so yummy. It's quick and easy, so I thought I'd share in case you have one of those nights where you're not in the mood to mess with it. (Angel, you have this already from me).

From the Preston 4th Ward Cookbook (available at the Preston Citizen in Preston, Idaho. Trust me, buy it).

Boneless, skinless chicken breasts
dry bread crumbs
Olive Oil
2 Cups prepared spaghetti sauce
2-4 Tbs Parmesean cheese
Mozzarella cheese slices, enough for each chicken breast
(we like it better with shredded cheese, though)

Heat oil in large skillet. Wash chicken breasts. While still wet, coat with bread crumbs. Friy in hot oil until brown. Pour spaghetti sauce into bottom of baking dish. Place chicken breasts in sauce and top each breast with mozzarella cheese. Sprinkle with grated Parmesean cheese. Bake in 350 (F) oven for 30 minutes.

We also like to make some kind of pasta (not spaghetti noodles) to serve with the extra sauce.

Books I'm Reading Right Now

Just in case anyone is interested. And yes, I'm reading them all simultaneously (I tend to read the non-fiction church books just a litle bit at a time, while I read fiction non-church books all at once. Can't put 'em down for the life of me. Unless they suck, and even then I have a hard time not finishing a book).

The Testament by Elie Wiesel (Winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, and author of Night. Also a good one)

Lighten Up! by Chieko N. Okazaki (given to me by one of the color guard coaches I work with to help me personally as I go through this post partum depression thing)

No One Can Take Your Place by Shari Dew (given to me by Ches for Christmas last year. Also great for my mental health at this time in my life)

Monday, October 31, 2005

The End of the Season

Saturday was our last marching band competition. May I just say one little thing for that? WO-HOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Really, as happy as I am that it is done for another year, I am sad, too. I love marching band so much. I love color guard. However, I don't love getting up early every morning for rehearsal, having rehearsal almost every afternoon, and giving up almost every single Friday night and Saturday for a bunch of high schoolers! I'm going to miss them.

So let me tell you about Saturday: First off, I slept in. Ches had to be at the university extra early so that the band could rehearse and they could set everything up (he is a grad assistant for the bands at the university, and it was their competition on Saturday), and Ches thought that I didn't have to be at HHS until long after 7 am. Nope. I had to be there at 7. A friend of mine was coming over at 6:45 to hang out with the kids and me all day. I didn't get in the shower until 6:20. Not a good start at all. Ches left at that time, and so it was up to me to hurry myself up and get the kids ready and everything. So I got there at 7:30, and the girls were so pissed at me. For good reason. I get so mad at them for being that late! And the worst part was that I had two of their flags from our sectional the day before. They left the flags with me so that no one would forget to bring them so early the next day. Oops.

Well, rehearsal went okay, then we loaded the bus and headed over to the university. We had some warm-up time, but I didn't want the girls to freak out and get tired too quickly, so I ran through the last song with them a few times (they just learned the last song Thursday morning, by the way), then I let them goof off. We did our guard dance (which is the "yo ho ho" dance that Captain Feathersword and his pirates do on the Wiggles. Don't ask.), gave each other a pep talk, did our circle (more pep talks and a prayer), then we decided to head to the band and run through a couple of sections. It was all going okay. I didn't expect too much, honestly. At the competition 2 weeks earlier the girls had rehearsed really well, but completely fell apart during performance. It was the worst thing I've ever seen, and I couldn't talk to the girls for about half an hour. When I did start talking to them again, I refused to talk about the show. I was either going to kill them or kill myself if I did.

So anyway, back to this Saturday...

The girls put their flags in the right places on the sidelines , and got out on the field with the band in the perfect amount of time. The drum major, Mikey, saluted, climbed on top of the podium (his "magic carpet"), and started the band. The music ("Arabian Nights") starts off very soft and slow, and the girls have a lyrical dance-like part with long, red ribbons. They kind of look like genies coming out of a bottle at first. It was going so well! The band was sounding great, the kids were in step.

The next section hits really big and loud from the band, and the girls switch suddenly to their first flags: yellow with orange, red, and gold lame' that looks like flames. It was awesome! They had some timing problems, but were mostly together. And may I say, band ROCKED! The entire show! They were so on! I have never heard this little group play so well! My girls performed really well (not as well as I would have liked, but it was definitely their best performance, and I was really pleased with them). "Arabian Nights" goes to a great drum break and on to "One Jump Ahead". Really energetic and exciting.

The second song starts with 2 of my girls running off field and lifting a giant banner to hide "Aladdin" (Mikey). The other two girls pick up chiffon, shaded flags that match their uniforms (blue with the one in blue, green with the one in green, and they other two have their matching flags -- orange and pink -- waiting for them). The band is playing "Prince Ali". When it gets to the section where the lyrics say "Are you gonna love this guy!" the banner comes down and reveals that Aladdin has turned into Prince Ali. The crowd went wild. Again, my girls performed well for this piece, and the band hasn't lost any of their energy. The end got a little sloppy for the guard, but they ended mostly together.

Our closer is called "Arabian Sunset" and is basically a reprise of "Arabian Nights". It starts off with a trombone solo, then a trumpet solo. Very mysterious sounding, and my captain had a flag solo. The other girls then join her with the same flag -- dark blues with dark purples; very pretty -- and they have some good stuff going on. Again, timing problems at first, but then they are good. It's obvious that this is fairly new work for them, but as the adjudicator said on the tape "good attempt". They all ended together, which was the most important part. The band hit every thing, and kept up with the tempo changes and everything! It was just plain awesome!

As the band marched off the field and the staff and boosters were helping to quickly get the pit instruments off the field and onto the trailer, a band in the stand yelled "Thanks for the ride!" I have to say, it was some ride. Magic carpet ride indeed! All of the staff was extrememly happy.

Because it is such a small band, we competed in the smallest division, and were the second band of 19 to perform that day. Finally, it was time for awards. The directors (and their staff members in most cases, ours included) met at one area and were given the packets with score sheets and adjudicator tapes. The drum majors, guard captains, and percussion section heads all lined up in front of the stands. Since we had the packets, we were able to see our scores and know what we got, but couldn't let the kids know. That killed me! I was so excited! The reason was...

HHS won FIRST PLACE band in the small division!!
The HHS color guard won the CAPTION AWARD for small division, meaning we won FIRST PLACE for that, as well!!

Our scores weren't the best, but we were competitive, and we even beat the scores of 2 bands in the medium division and one band in the large division. It was a very good day.

For color guard, we have a tradition that we each have to lick our trophy (don't ask me where this came from. They started it last year when we got first at a competition, and while I find it so disgsting, I do it anyway. Who can mess with tradition? Hee hee hee), so through the tears of four excited girls and one ecstatic coach, we each licked a different part of the trophy.

What a way to end the season.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Open Water

Here's my first movie review. We watched "Open Water" on DVD a couple of nights ago, and I thought I should give warning to all of you who haven't seen it yet: Don't.

It was boring. It didn't have the ending we expected. It had some pretty bad acting. And it had a full frontal nude scene that was totally unnecessary. Let me explain why this bugs me so much.

In the movie, this couple is on vacation and the air conditioning in their hotel room is broken. Fine. So you're hot and you want to sleep. No problems there. But why show us that on the movie? The wife is laying in bed, reading, with just the sheet on. However, the sheet only goes to her waist. The husband comes to bed, but with the clever camera angles, all you see is his bare back. No butt or anything. A minute later, the wife turns to turn off the light, the sheet comes down, and you can see everything below the waist as well as above now. I did NOT need to see that. Seriously. There wasn't a need.

Here's something else that really bugs me about the whole thing. The next scene the light is turned on and the husband is kneeling on the bed with a newspaper in his hand and he is trying to kill a mosquito or something. He is wearing blue underwear. Now, I don't need to see this guy completely naked, either, but I don't understand why we can see so much of the woman, but nothing of the man? Why is it acceptable to show full frontal nudity of any woman, but not of a man? Why the double standard? I've noticed in a lot of movies that you will often see a woman's breasts (at least) and the most you'll see of a man is his butt.

I really want to make it clear that I don't want to see either person naked in any movie. I just want to understand where this double standard came from and why. In fact, on some show like Entertainment Tonight I saw an interview and an actor stated, "I don't understand why a nude female generates an 'R' rating, but a nude male generates an 'X' rating." I don't remember what I was watching or who said it, and I know that the actor was mostly complaining about lack of nudity, not excess, but it is a valid question. Personally, I think both should be an "X" rating (or NC-17, or whatever). I really and truely don't think it is necessary to show nudity!

Monday, October 24, 2005


Okay, so I just added two more links over there on the side, and I have to ask for some help because I'm sick of this: How in the world do I NOT have the spaces under almost every single link? No one else has those! I seriously don't know what I'm doing wrong. I have retyped it several times, I have read Blogspot's instructions thoroughly, but I can't get it right.

Oh, and how do I add links in a post? Like the rest of you do? I mean, say I mention something about Alyson, how do I make it so that you can click on her name and get to her blog? Something like that. I can do pictures, so is it the same basic concept?

I'm so not a computer person!

Dreams and Friendships

I sometimes have to wonder about dreams. Are they subliminal messages from your brain, deep memories breaking out, prophecies for your life, or just something crazy that happens every now and then?

I mentioned before that the reason I got interested in my husband is because of a dream. Normally, I don't believe in most dreams telling the future (at least not for me), but this one was different. I had already met him, but he so wasn't my type (other than the fact that he is a trumpet player and has a deep, bass voice), so I didn't think much about him. I was busy in my own life. One night, I had a dream. My dreams are often more like movies, so I'm watching myself in this "movie" rather than being myself. Anyrate, all I really remember is suddenly I'm sitting on this cream colored couch with Ches, we are holding hands, and he says something. We look at each other, and this look passes between us that just spills out total intimacy. You have seen it in couples, both old and new, that are totally in love, right? That was it with that look between Ches and me. The whole thing was so vivid and felt so real. I woke up right after that thinking, "Wow! That was powerful! Who is that man? I have to get to know him." Thus, the stalking began (hee hee hee). In some ways, I guess I fell in love with him in my dreams (how cheesey is THAT?)

Last night, I had a dream and while I don't really remember most of the details, I do remember that one of my best friends from high school was in it. Her name is Shannon, and I miss that girl. We became good friends junior year, and got really close senior year. We kept in close contact freshman year of college (I went to Idaho, she stayed in Arkansas), but it drifted after that. We had so much fun together. She stayed friends with Jerkfaced Liar (my h.s. boyfriend), and I've always been a bit jealous of that. Last year at some point Jerkfaced Liar IM'd me (our 10 year reunion was coming up), and we ended up talking about Shannon. I really am jealous that he maintained a relationship with her. I want my old friend back in my life. My dream last night just made me miss her so much. I have her email address, and I'm considering emailing her, but I have contacted a few old friends in recent years (most of whom have remained close friends with Jerkfaced Liar), so after a couple of emails I never heard from them again. I want lasting friendships. I have so few of those.

Because my family moved so much while I was growing up, I never kept in really close contact with many people for very long. I still email my best friend from 5th grade (she so rocks. She even calls me every now and then), and I'm mostly in contact with TexAngel through our blogs (we were really close in h.s., too). I have a couple of friends from my college and university years, but there are others that I wish I still knew.

I guess I'm one of those people who need her friends around. I was talking to my mom last night about how I know it's so silly, but I am constantly trying to "dress the part". I care about what everyone thinks of me. I need losts of people around me to validate me. I have a hard time feeling good about myself, and I need others to do the work for me. I care about being popular. I'm almost 29 years old, and I still want to hang out with the "cool kids"! However, if I have a good group of friends that I'm in close contact with (read: I need lots of emails and phone calls and visits), I don't really care about the cool kids. I care about my friends.

My dream makes me want to rekindle some friendships (especially Shannon right now), but do I dare? I don't want to just get left all alone again.

A Funny Thing Happened...

I was driving home from rehearsal the other day when I heard the DJ on the radio give information on a new home development. What he said was this:

You should really head down to [Suchandsuch] Drive and check out these [Majorcompanyname] Homes. They are built well and quite affordable in this market. Most are about 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, and that should be a really good size for most people, unless you're one of those huge Mormon families and you just won't fit in that. So, here's the directions: [DJ gives directions]. Seriously, if you are in the market, check out these homes. They're great. Oh, and I have nothing against Mormons. I love Mormons! In fact, I lived in Salt Lake City for about five years, so I really do like Mormons. They just tend to have really big families and need bigger houses than most people. That's all I was saying.

Wow. Someone is afraid of angry emails/phonecalls to the radio station! I laughed for 10 minutes.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Words That Aiden Wants Me To Type

Star Wars
Obi Wan Kenobi
Darth Vader
light saber
licking hand
and talking Aiden
Little Einsteins
Toy Story
Toy Story
lots of 4s. 44444444444
No wonder
yes wonder
I don't paint and see
a BIG pumpkin
little pumpkins
medium pumpkins
everything you want
we're all done
let's play Candyland
bye, see ya tomorrow

Counting Down

There is only a week and a half left of marching band. I mean to the last competition (because dang it all, the one football team has to go and be a good team and make it to playoffs). I'm sooooo happy to be so close to done. I will get some sanity back. I will get some sleep. I will get to play with my sons. I will get to save money on gas. I will get my life back. No more of the drama that comes with being around a group of high school girls! No more having to find a sitter for every single stinkin' Saturday. No more having to take a breast pump with me and hiding under a blanket so I don't leak milk all over a school bus.

Can we all tell that I'm a little happy?

At our last competition, my HHS girls had such a bad performance, I had to stop watching. I'd look up again, just to groan and look away. It was horrible. I couldn't talk to the girls for about half an hour afterwards, and they were smart enough to know not to approach me. Hopefully we will not have those problems again. It sucked.

My RHS girls actually did pretty well. I met up with them at the competition (HHS performed earlier in the day, so I rode the bus with them), and was surprised at how happy the girls were to see me. It made me feel special. I guess they have finally accepted me. Anyrate, they had one of their better performances, but there were still a lot of little, stupide mistakes. They are also performing at the same competition as HHS next week, so I will be able to help out both guards.

Aiden wants me to type his name. He's very excited right now. Once marching band is done, we will go back to our "homeschool preschool" that I have started. We are learning to write letters, what letters sound like, we read books together, and do crafts. He really wants to make some bats for Halloween. We have already made Jack-O-Lanterns and ghosts to hang on the wall. We're actually looking a bit festive this year.

Aiden is going to be Woody (from Toy Story) for Halloween. Dallin is going to be a frog. Aiden couldn't be happier. He tells everyone in sight what he gets to be. Thank you so much, Camille! We can't wait for the costumes to get here.

Taking an informal poll... what should I be for Halloween? I really like to dress up, but I'm just plain out of ideas. I hate to dress up as the same thing more than one year in a row. The last few years I have been the following: Hermione Granger, Homestar Runner, a hockey player (complete with black eye that everyone at church thought was real, so Ches started telling people "yeah, I hit her."), a princess, a chef, a scarecrow, and a U of I colorguard member (okay, so the church party was the same night as a game and Ches and I just wore our band uniforms). Oh, and I'm not really into the whole "Mean Girls" thing of using Halloween as an excuse to dress up like a slut. So unoriginal!

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

100 Things

I thought, why the heck not? Everyone else is doing it. It's been fun to read. I'm just a big copycat anyway. Here goes:

1. I was born on Christmas Eve.
2. I'm the oldest child. That means everything that the "studies" say it does.
3. I have a trophy for playing soccer when I was younger. We got 2nd place (we only lost one game all season, including playoffs).
4. I once took tennis lessons.
5. I was on the volleyball team in middle school.
6. I don't consider myself athletic at all. I quit sports by the time I was in high school.
7. When I went to college, I had a Southern accent. It went away.
8. I met my husband in college at a band party where I was rude to him. He doesn't remember meeting me, thankfully.
9. I had a dream about him a week later and that was how I got interested in him.
10. I got married at 21.
11. I thought I was way too young to get married, but I wanted to marry Ches.
12. Ches wasn't going to wait for me, so I knew if I wanted to marry him, it would have to be then.
13. My plans at the time was to go on a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
14. I know that I made the right decision, but sometimes I'm still sad.
15. I feel left out when I with a group of women who are returned missionaries and I don't have any experiences to share.
16. Ches promised me that when we are older we will go on a mission together.
17. I have been in marching band in some form or another for about 13 years now.
18. I have been playing my flute for almost 20 years.
19. I always wanted to play the trumpet, until I took Brass Techniques in college and found out I'm a lot better at the trombone.
20. I also love to play percussion. Not drumset, though.
21. I have also always wanted to play guitar.
22. I took a guitar class at Ricks, but hated it.
23. I can only play about one song on the guitar.
24. I would like to learn "Blackbird" by Paul McCartney.
25. We have 9 musical instruments in our house: 2 flutes, 2 trumpets, a piccolo, violin, guitar, cornet, and a clarinet.
26. We also have a set of drumsticks and mallets, but that is debatable on whether or not it's musical.
27. I want the new Bissell "Spot Bot" that I've seen on TV. Now I know I'm a "desperate housewife".
28. Ches and I got married in the Mr. Timpanogos Temple in American Fork, Utah.
29. It was the most perfect weather that day.
30. We didn't have very many people show up to the wedding.
31. The best was a groups of friends from Ricks that came together (Dana, Camille, you were there!).
32. There were these beautiful tulips all over and I thought it made the day even more perfect.
33. Ches forgot to bring the wedding ring, so he made me give him back the engagement ring to give to me in the Temple.
34. He gave me my wedding band outside just before pictures.
35. For our 7th anniversary, I gave birth to our second son, Dallin.
36. I had a really bad cold, as did Ches and Aiden.
37. My cold miraculously went away right after the birth.
38. I've never been to band camp (save the American Pie jokes).
39. I'm scared of the dark.
40. I'm even more scared of what's in the dark.
41. When I was little, my father told me there were spiders and snakes on my bedroom floor to keep me in bed at night.
42. To this day I have to jump from the lightswitch to my bed once I have turned out the light so the spiders and snakes won't get me.
43. I just found out a few years ago that he told me this.
44. I hate the song "Mother I love you" from Primary.
45. When I was little, my brother, sister, and I were supposed to be sleeping, but weren't so Mom came down to spank us, but by the time she spanked Lura and me, Vinnie started singing "mother I love you" and she left the room laughing without giving him a spanking.
46. My brother and sister are my absolute best friends in the whole world.
47. Vinnie used to cover for me in high school when I was late for curfew.
48. One time he didn't realize it was me and I was trying to climb through the window and get his attention at the same time.
49. He thought someone was trying to break in, so he woke up my parents, who promptly called the police.
50. Once my parents saw it was me, my mom hung up on the police and I knew there was a very slim chance that I would live to see the sun rise the next day.
51. My favorite thing to eat in the entire world is dark chocolate. Can't get enough of it.
52. I have a huge chocolate craving right now.
53. Someday I would like to live in London, England.
54. Or Windsor.
55. My aunt took me to London when I was 20 years old.
56. We went to "see castles and plays".
57. While in Windsor, we walked over the bridge to Eaton and made fools out of ourselves.
58. I was wondering why all these school boys from Eaton College were wearing tuxes with tails, so we stopped a kid and said, "Excuse me, but we're stupid American tourists. Why are you wearing a tux?" to which he replied "They are my school uniform."
59. I was quite surprised and said "You wear that everyday?? I wear jeans and a t-shirt".
60. I easily say stupid things to people.
61. Once I was in a restaurant and my husband recognized the guy at the next table as a former contestant on "Blind Date", so we talked to him.
62. Before anyone could say anything, I blurted out with, "I totally saw you on TV!!"
63. My sister wouldn't let me talk to some of her wedding guests because they were Tony award winners and didn't want me to look stupid.
64. I have a book signed by John Lithgow, which is now one of my favorite possessions.
65. I often wish I had taken dance more when I was younger and had majored in that in college.
66. For our 10th anniversary I want a big party with a big band so we can dance.
67. We didn't have a dance at our wedding. Ches didn't want it.
68. Also for our 10th anniversary, I want to go on a cruise.
69. I've never been on a cruise, but both my brother and sister got to gon on one for their honeymoons.
70. We went to San Francisco on our honeymoon.
71. We walked all the way from Pier 1 to Pier 49 one day. (Don't do that).
72. I hope to have a daughter some day.
73. I hope it won't be too soon, though.
74. I hate pregnancy.
75. Both of my boys were born by c-section, and I don't really enjoy that, either.
76. I get panic attacks.
78. It started sometime in college, when I was really turning into a perfectionist.
79. I wish I looked like Nicole Kidman, just not as tall.
80. I like the height that I am, except when my family makes fun of me for being the short one.
81. I'm only 5'4", so I'm not actually short.
82. I love marching band, but I can't wait for November to get here.
83. When people yell at me, it makes me cry very easily.
84. When I get upset, I also cry very easily.
85. I'm only on 85 and I have to leave for rehearsal in 10 minutes.
86. I don't think that pregnant women should ever have to clean a bathroom.
87. Cleaning the bathroom is my least favorite chore.
88. My biggest goal for the future is to buy a house.
89. My mom and dad just bought their first house, and Mom is 53.
90. I know that wasn't about me, but it was indirectly.
91. I'm going to be 29 in 2 months.
92. My mom recently said that she has been a mom for 30 years, and I got offended. I'm not even 29 yet, Mom!!!
93. I often get mistaken for a high schooler.
94. I want to dye my hair some outrageous color (like plumb purple), but feel that since I'm a mother and stuff that I should be more mature, so I can't.
95. I love celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving as well as American Thanksgiving because I love turkey sandwiches.
96. My favorite LDS Temple on the inside is Cardston, Alberta.
97. My favorite LDS Temple on the outside is San Diego, California.
98. I used to wish my name were Holly (even though that would be too cheesey).
99. Sariah means Princess of God in Hebrew.
100. I have grown to love my name a lot.